Dr. Andrey Valerievich deserves to come to him from anywhere in the world. This is actually the case. I wouldn't change my dentist! » - emphasizes the patient.

The geography of patients of Family Dentistry «Your Dentist» is very wide. The head physician of the clinic, Andrei Beda, tells the story of one of her patients, who came from Canada for dental treatment.

«Several years ago Elena moved from Odessa to Montreal for permanent residence. But when it was time to have her teeth treated, she returned from abroad to her hometown to undergo treatment at our clinic. The situation was quite difficult – there were several problem teeth, so we had to carry out the treatment in several stages.

The first visit took place in the fall of 2017. Unfortunately, three teeth could not be restored, so they had to be removed. Immediately after removal, we performed implantation. And for those teeth that were subject to restoration, metal-ceramic crowns were made using CAD / CAM technology. After that, the patient went to Canada.

A second visit to the clinic took place in August this year. The implants took root perfectly, no complications followed. This gave us the opportunity to feel free to start prosthetics on implants. Impressions were taken, mucosal formers were installed. Now, within a week and a half, we will make permanent crowns using the same digital templates that were originally made in the fall of 2017 and stored in the dental laboratory. In two weeks the patient will be able to return to Canada with fully restored, healthy teeth. »

Elena also shared her impressions after treatment at «Your Dentist»:

«Dr. Andrey Valerievich deserves to come to him from anywhere in the world. This is actually the case. I wouldn’t change my dentist! – emphasizes the patient. – I am very pleased that I have been treating my teeth by Andrei Valerievich for many years. And, of course, I’m not going to change it – no matter where in the world I am. When I finally found him as a doctor, my stress levels during dental treatment dropped dramatically. Andrey Valerievich knows how to do it professionally, efficiently, quickly, with humor and very kindly. »