Osseointegration is a phenomenon in which human bones can literally fuse with artificial elements made from bioinert materials such as titanium. Since then, the company has gone a long way in improving implantation technology.

Decades later, Nobel Biocare is pioneering yet another revolutionary technology: the simultaneous load concept. It allows you to radically reduce the time of implantation and subsequent postoperative healing. In fact, with a one-time implantation, all procedures take three to four days instead of several months.

Nobel Biocare (Switzerland)
Today, Nobel Biocare manufactures implants that provide high levels of stabilization and preservation of bone tissue. Moreover, these implants are well suited for difficult cases: for example, when bone thinning is observed after a long absence of a tooth or when working with soft bone tissues. In addition, Nobel Biocare implants are used in the aesthetically significant area: their design allows for the invisibility of any surgical intervention.