Only in June!
We return beautiful smiles with a 50% discount.

With the support of the clinic's partner - the Italian company B&B Dental, we carry out premium-class implantation for half the cost.

In June, you have the opportunity to undergo dental implantation using implants of the Italian company B&B Dental with a 50% discount. The price includes: implantation and prosthetics – that is, we offer turnkey implantation *.

Family dentistry «Your Dentist» specializes in surgical dentistry and implantology as well. For more than 7 years, our specialists have been successfully performing dental implantation and provide a lifetime warranty.

Family dentistry «Your Dentist» offers high quality services and works with manufacturers who have a strong reputation in the market, constantly improve their products, solve most of the clinical problems and ensure absolute patient satisfaction.

B&B Dental products combine all the latest technical characteristics and scientific trends, providing high-tech modern implants of the highest quality.

B&B Dental guarantees:

  • Stable and reliable dental implant system
  • Absolute surface cleanliness (titanium grade Grade-4)
  • Reducing bone loss and improving gum health
  • Protection against bacteria penetration
  • Strong attachment of the implant and its long-term stability
  • Highest modeling accuracy thanks to the CAD / CAM system
  • Navigational implantation for operations of any complexity level

Find out the details and sign up for a consultation by phone: (048) 700 25 52

* A «turnkey» offer means the implementation of implantation: installation of one implant and one unit of a crown on this implant using a standard abutment, a crown – multilayer zirconium. An increase in the number of crowns or implants, the use of conditionally removable structures is paid additionally. The offer is valid from 1.06.2018. until 30.06.2018