Take advantage of 50% discount and get professional teeth cleaning!

Milk teeth (children under 11 years old) - 350 UAH
Adult teeth - 600 UAH

The offer is valid until 31.08.2018

We are starting the Big Teeth Cleaning by September 1st!

For adults and children! Professional teeth cleaning should be done every 6 months to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Until the end of August, everyone who cares about the health of teeth and gums has the opportunity to receive a 50% discount (*) on professional dental hygiene of the oral cavity.

Comfortably, safely and for just half the price, you can:

  • get a beautiful and brilliant smile;
  • completely get rid of plaque and tartar;
  • protect teeth from decay and development of diseases;
  • prevent tooth loss;
  • save on more complicated and time-consuming dental treatment.

We also have a special offer for schoolchildren as part of the Big Teeth Cleaning!

Until the end of August in Family Dentistry «Your Dentist» the Championship of Clean Teeth is being held. Every schoolchild can take part in the Championship.

The student who wins the Championship, in addition to the discount on teeth cleaning, will receive two tickets for the premiere of the cartoon «Smallfoot» and a gift for parents – two Swiss toothbrushes Curaprox.

How to participate in the Clean Teeth Championship? It’s that simple!

Our dentists have a magic pill that, during brushing, will stain the plaque on the child’s teeth and show how well and regularly the student brushes his teeth. If you brush your teeth every day, then, the natural plaque under the influence of the pill will turn pink, if you do it occasionally, then it will turn purple.

All children, whose teeth after the magic pill will turn pink, will take part in the drawing of two tickets for the premiere of the cartoon «Smallfoot».

The winner will go to watch the cartoon in the «Planeta Kino» cinema at the address: Odessa, Heavenly Hundred Avenue, 2. The winner’s parents will also receive a prize – two super-fashionable Swiss Curaprox toothbrushes for perfect dental care.

Well, let’s find out who has the cleanest teeth, and who will go to the cartoon premiere?

Sign up for professional hygiene at half price by phone: (048) 700 25 52

* The offer is valid from 08/10/2018 to 08/31/2018