Quality and accessible family dentistry

For more than 10 years we’ve been providing qualified dental care even in the most difficult situations. We are proud of our achievements in dental surgery and prosthetics. Every day we justify the trust of our clients, high quality of services and fair prices.

Why do your friends choose «Your Dentist»?

  • We work with a smile and in a good mood
  • We treat without pain and guarantee the quality of our work
  • Aspire to the ideal, therefore apply advanced technologies
  • Taking care of our patients safety
  • Provision of emergency services 24/7
  • We are friendly dental clinic
    for foreign visitors

Our dentists

Andrey Beda
Founder of Vash Zubnoy dentistry, dentist of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences, surgeon - implantologist, holder of the Order of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir the Great, III degree, winner of the TOP DOCTOR prize in 2021.
Anna Vishnevskaya
Dentist-paradantologist, dental surgeon of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences
Maria Beda
Tamara Gilevich
Oleg Maksimenko
General practice dentist of the highest category
Taras Boychuk
Dentist - therapist
Irina Lopanova
Dentist - therapist
Valeria Shilman
Dentist therapist
Alla Gavrilenko
Pediatric Dentist
Zoya Arnautova
General dentist, surgeon - dentist
Alexander Tishchenko
General dentist, dental surgeon
Maxim Getsko
Yana Drinevskaya
Dentist surgeon
Anna Derevinskaya
Dentist-orthopedist, gnathologist
Anastasia Chayka
General practitioner dentist
Julia Oryol
Dentist - therapist
Yulia Pogulich

Your Dentist blog

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GUM® SUNSTAR, a leading Japanese company in the oral care, health and beauty industry. SUNSTAR provides products and services that help people improve their health and quality of life.

B&B Dental (Italy)

The company was founded in 1992 and since then has been actively funding the development of its own implant systems.

Nobel Biocare (Switzerland)

The company was founded by the father of dental implantation, Professor Per-Ingvar Brannemark. Back in 1952, he pioneered the process of osseointegration.

What makes up the price of dental implantation

Probably, everyone who began to be interested in dental implantation, first of all asked the same question: why is it so expensive? Let's see how this price is added up.

NeoBioTech (South Korea)

The smiles of our patients are a reason for pride. And we choose the leaders in the implant market: companies that guarantee the impeccable quality of their products.

Space-grade dental technology: Andriy Beda attends a business summit in Cologne

During the opening of the IDS-2019 summit, it is no coincidence that it was compared to the Olympic Games in dentistry.

Can’t save a tooth? Let’s remove it atraumatically!

There is no need to be afraid - your dentist will perform the manipulation carefully, without damaging the surrounding tissues and preserving the natural relief of the gums

Your Dentist has a birthday!

Friends of the clinic congratulate and give gifts to everyone who uses the services of «Your Dentist» from September 1 to September 30

Tooth-stories. Flight «Odessa – Montreal» or «I wouldn’t change my dentist»

The geography of the patients of «Your Dentist» Family Dentistry is very wide. Read the story of a patient who flew to the clinic from Canada.

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Round-the-clock family dentistry «Your Dentist»

«Your Dentist» is a modern dental clinic, which Odessa has already loved. Qualified and dedicated doctors show clients what European medicine is — with its innovative technologies, safe and certified materials, quality and high grade service.

Family dentistry is available for patients between 1 and 101 years of age. We’ll advise how to take care of the first teeth, and help thoughtful mother doesn’t miss anything. At the same time, we have the experience and the necessary equipment for dental implantation and prosthesis of the highest standard.

The most extreme situations don’t choose the convenient time of day, therefore «Your Dentist» — round-the-clock dentistry. The doctor on duty is available within half an hour of the patient’s call. You can safely rule out acute toothache, trauma, and inflammation from the list of nightmares!

Friend in need is a friend indeed. The same can be said of the dentist, that’s why we’ve assembled specialists who can be relied upon 24 hours a day.

«Your Dentist» — emergency dental care 24 hours

On the website of the dental clinic «Your Dentist» you can see in detail the services we provide, view video-reviews, the work of our specialists in «Portfolio», find the address, schedule and estimated cost of treatment.

We work  as a traditional family dental clinic and as a night dentistry. Emergency dental care is also our specialty.

The closest dental clinic usually is not the best. Our aim is effective any time emergency assistance to the people of Odessa, whether it is Tayrovo, the centre or other districts.

When there is a genuine need for immediate help, Prices and location are overshadowed. What is better – a hospital that is located nearby and is treated inexpensively, but slowly, with poor anesthesia, the use of substandard materials? Or a clinic whose reputation guarantees maximum comfort and success? If everything is done at first try, without complications and for many years – this is the real economical option.

As city night-dentistry, we are ready to receive you at any time. Clinic «Your Dentist» working hours are 24/7. The prices fully correspond to the level of speed and professionalism of the doctors on duty. An individual approach to each specific clinical situation will not display even at the most detailed price list. At us you get by default more than the price list promises.

Advantages of the private dental clinic «Your Dentist»

Modern dentistry is the use of advanced technologies and creative component in treatment. If you can’t imagine going to the dentist without pain, and it seems that private dentistry is a closed elite area, come to us!

Make sure that professional dentistry is effective in solving complex problems using 3D technology and digital modeling. Our doctors perform dental implantation using navigation technology, because we have the experience and the necessary equipment. The guarantee of a positive result is distinguishes a good clinic from the best and what we give the clients.

The aesthetic component is equally important. Don’t put off tooth whitening, bite correction or prosthetics. Professional tooth cleaning and whitening is a fast and inexpensive procedure that will help you to look 100% in your everyday life and on important dates. Family Dentistry «Your Dentist» uses the best novelties in these areas!

Make an appointment today for a preventive dental appointment, because the only time dental procedures are cheap is if they’ve been avoided.

Neglected oral diseases lead to emergency situations. If this happens, you can always count on 24-hour dental care, it is enough to call in «Your Dentist», describe the symptoms and in half an hour our doctor will be able to provide you with premium assistance.

The youngest members of the family also need dental prophylaxis and treatment, emotional contact with the dentist and a sense of security are also important for them. It is possible to avoid the stress of small patients by giving them enough time and attention, sparing no effort to play and explain. The children’s dentist that you want to go back to is the vip level of the clinic, because children are the most demanding clients.

We have practical, not just theoretical training on our side. Our specialists have developed over the years, and at the same time we are not a professorial dentistry, but a pleasant place of calmness and competence for a pastime.

You will find information about services, portfolio of works, meet doctors on the website. Also we publish information about discounts and useful articles about dental health, our administrators will help you to orient in the nuances of procedures, will tell about paid dentistry from the practical side.

«Your Dentist» is a new accessible dentistry for the whole family.

What is dental consultation?

Regular visits to dentists are a guarantee of dental health. Any problems need to be addressed immediately, without the hope that they will pass themselves — that will not happen. The dental consultation is intended for the patient to tell the doctor about his concerns. And the doctor, after listening, identified the problem and explained in detail what they would do to forget about it.

Counselling is the stage that always precedes treatment. In the clinic «Your Dentist» the first reception is conducted by the leading specialist, who, if necessary, consults with doctors of related specialties and assigns additional research.

What does the doctor do at the appointment? Mostly he talks to the patient. Hears his complaints, asks questions to clarify the situation, conducts an examination and gives advice.

In the clinic «Your Dentist» we try to organize the work so that already for the first meeting the patient comes with necessary researches (panoramic picture and the result of tomography). So, if you’re making an appointment by phone call, our administrator will ask you to take pictures in advance. As a result, the doctor will determine the diagnosis more quickly and draw up a detailed treatment plan. It will also calculate the approximate cost of the planned work.

In our clinic, the patient will be introduced to various options for manipulations, procedures and jointly choose the optimal one.  For full understanding, it is advisable to ask clarifying questions: we only welcome your desire to participate in determining the treatment.

The consultation consists of steps:

– a survey to identify complaints;

– examination of the oral cavity;

– research of images;

– establishing diagnosis;

– choosing a way to solve the problem;

– if a patient comes in with severe pain, they will be given procedures to reduce or eliminate the pain syndrome and remove the problem tooth.

The reception lasts 20-30 minutes unless there are urgent problems.

Additional consultation

If there is a complex problem and you need the opinion of several related specialists (dentist, orthodontist, surgeon, orthopedist and implantologist), an additional appointment may be made. As a result of the consultation, the doctor will decide on a treatment plan. This meeting will take approximately 1 hour.

When you need a dentist consultation

Your dentist should be visited every six months. During a routine examination, you can get comprehensive recommendations on oral care and answers to questions of interest, understand if everything is in order, learn about problems that have arisen.

It is necessary to go to a specialist, even if nothing hurts. At an early stage, the problem may not cause physical discomfort. So the only way to find her is to visit the dentist’s office regularly. If detected in time, it is easier, faster and cheaper to solve.

A dental consultation is also necessary if:

– a tooth aches;

– there is acute tooth pain;

– blood emerges during the cleaning;

– gum or cheek swollen;

– the tooth is darkened, stains or stripes appear on it;

– there are problems with gums;

– the teeth of wisdom worry;

– the neck of the tooth has been exposed;

– a tooth (or several) is missing;

– for other oral problems;

– planning of the child or, at most, at an early stage of pregnancy;

– before any operation (all available oral diseases must be cured).

Treatment of children

If a child is afraid of a dentist, it is especially important to calm him down and help to befriend the doctor. In the clinic «Your Dentist» look for an approach to each baby. However, the success of the meeting also depends on the behaviour and mood of his parents. Specialists advise adults to carry out training: to set up the baby in a positive way, to explain what visits to the doctor are necessary for. In advance you can show the child a developing cartoon on dental topics.

The children’s dentist at the clinic advises the parents to remain calm, as their anxiety will be transmitted to the baby. The examination takes place in a comfortable atmosphere and will not cause unpleasantness.

If necessary in «Your Dentist» the children’s consultation can be not one (if it takes more time to get used to the doctor and start to trust him). At the children’s dentist’s reception, children are allowed to paint pictures: drawing helps to calm down and relax. The child’s well-being is the key to successful contact with a doctor.

During the interview, the parents may ask the child dentist questions (regarding the care of baby and permanent teeth, their change, the correct bite).

How much is a dental consultation?

Round-the-clock clinic «Your Dentist» in Odessa offers a full range of dental services for patients of any age. The consultation, which includes examination of the patient, examination of his pictures and development of a preliminary treatment plan, costs 200 UAH.

In situations of acute pain, we do not provide extensive counselling, so you pay for the medical services directly provided by the doctor. For example, endodontic treatment (the folk name is defilpestion), tooth removal, etc. Price depends on the specific service.

Successful consultation, during which the patient has understood all aspects of the upcoming manipulations, allows for effective treatment. The task of «Your Dentist» is to define the problem, find a solution, restore the patient’s healthy smile.

Contacts of our dentistry in Odessa

Working hours:
Mon - Fri from 9:00 to 20:00

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Emergency care 24/7

Our specialists know how to quickly and efficiently provide assistance in the most difficult situations, at any time of the day.

Call us on the phone as soon as possible, describe your complaints, choose a convenient time. The doctor on call will be waiting for you and will do his best to help you.

Round the clock 24/7‬‬

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